Additional Services


  • Maxop exports over 80% of its Products . It also warehouses them to create safety stock for its Customers by providing VMI (Vendor Management Inventory) program

Surface Treatment

  • Maxop has an in-house Shot Blasting and Vibro Finishing facility for Outer Surface Treatment.


  • Maxop has an in-house facility of Tool Grinding, Surface Grinding, CNC Machines and Tool Welding


  • Complete facility for 2D to 3D and Model Designing with Solidification software.


  • Maxop also has an in-house facility for all fully Computerized Lab testing facility and Inspection facility.


  • Maxop does recycling for Aluminum Overflow, Runner and Gate for the own Die Casting Parts with ratio of 60:40( i.e. 60% fresh material & 40% overflow, runner and gate)